My First Story …. not as Nutritionist but as Mom

I was invited in 2013 to write a story, a real story about me and my son ( link to see the original  story and the blog where i wrote )  It’s a portuguese blog, so i will write here in English for you.

I want to share with you this story because more than nutritionist i am mom and i have a son with serious food alergy, and in this point i am just a mom, and nutritionists have bad days to ….. but we all have to give them an happy end .


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Thursday, November 07, 2013

I'll share a story .... a mother's story. I was  mom for the first time at age 28 of Sofia, an healthy baby, calm and always ready to eat everything.
 José was born after 5 years with 34 weeks of gestation and with 2,500kg .... enormous! said my obstetrician .... but still premature .... which made me anxious and willing that he eat everything (like his sister) to grow and stay strong, but Jose did not eat,at all ...."how is it
 possible ?!" I thought ... "he must to be hungry" ... and he had ... but did not eat .... and the percentile reduce dramatically .... after several consultations at neonatology department,  Pediatric ad  other specialties has been diagnosed to Jose's allergy to animal milk protein ..a few months later was diagnosed with multi food allergy. Well, it did not seem like the end of the world ..... soy drink (as long as it was possible)rice milk, and for me to see José drinking a bottle of milk was cause for celebration, a huge party, later I  introduced just two  
fruits and the soup and I still gave him rice bread (made by me) and  sweet potato cookies (made by me) ... because ... my Jose also wanted to eat bread and cookies like his baby friends (he was In a nursery).

Just before Jose turn 1 year ago I  introduced I his soup the beef,  my son ate and I was happy! Five - Ten minutes later I look at my son who was quiet, prostrate and I see his face become swollen , swollen eyes, completely disfigured .... my daughter started to shout that her bother have the face like Shrek .... I had never seen nothing like this  before in a baby so small... I did no know what was happening ... but for sure is serious ... I grabbed him and went to the closest hospital of my home. I arrived .... did not say anything need to, "someone" took José from my lap and took him to the resuscitation room .... I remember that starting to go 
there more doctors and nurses. ... a doctor pulled me aside and asked me "what  happened,? What
 he ate or touch? " I was in shock did not understand wich mistake I have done  .... I cried and said .... that just gave him  "baby food ".

 ( Jose same time was taking adrealin  injection at the time I do not know if corticoid adrenaline, because he develop a serious episode of glottal edema:Known popularly as closed throat,due to a food  or a touch to something  which the child is allergic and therefore toxic to the body :throat swells, obstructs the passage of air and causes respiratory insufficiency. 

 So on ...and now...? Jose made all the exams and blood tests (all possible for his few months) to see what could cause this reaction, and it was a lot .... lot of food a full page of two
 sides !!! "Wow ...!?" I thought, "What will he eat?" .... no dramas .... I have a beautiful son,  and this is will not going to be complicated .... I will put an "apron" and become a mom ...of those .... Who kneads the bread, makes warm muffins for the snack, and puts pies to cool on the window .
  With the  list in hand, I went to the supermarket,organic markets to the diet shops, search  in internet on Sunday's, afternoons, evenings .... basically i relearn to cook.

Today,with 4 years old, Jo had several episodes of glottal edema, but much less than was 
supposed (considering the huge variety of foods that he is allergic and that  are always 
changing), he does 3 in 3 month allergy tests , does daily medication for allergies and asthma and I have a portable injection of adrenaline always with me in case of an episode happens and If am away from hospital.

Now look at this situation, I tell you that it radically but beneficially changed the diet of 
my whole family, making it simple, healthier, and nutritious. I get a 9-year-old child, Sofia, that is completely adapted to his brother's diet (yes, because I only make one kind of meal, a cake, and a type of biscuits ...) physically i've become more Healthy,  today, i am an original "chef" , all the kids at school  speaks about Jose 's mom cookies ...... that ar yummy and i ggood tummy. 

At family parties everyone  prefers my cakes to those of th bakerys full sugar and additives. sEven my worl collegues ask me for cookies and "different treats" to bring.
I am at your disposal to share my advices, my recipes, my help, my support.


 Paula Marques
 Portuguese Mothers Chronicles"





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