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I think you already Know who i am, where i come from ( http://beautyoutside-healthyinside.com/about/ ) and what is my passion : An Healthy Lifestyle  !

Beauty Outside Healthy Inside is everything about me, will be my mood board : how i am, what i do, what i like , anyway….. in resume,  my lifestyle that i combine  my european  origins with  what i discover while living in the beautiful Arabic countries  : The Exclusive Fashion, the Food,  the architecture,  and all the glamour around me here.

But, the  Beauty around us  must be inside us too, and the most big step for this happening  is with an  healthy body and an  happy mind . Is this point i want inspire you :  change, become better or just share ideas ; In the end together we can find the balance between beauty and health.

How ? well  by my side, through my romantic style i will show you my daily routine and my passions since beauty until the most important thing in my life an healthy body, and feel happy with that .

Showing the glamour and the beauty Lifestyle  of Arabic World, My focus in this blog will be  :

  • How loose weight with healthy food and realistic plans, that doesn’t make you starving;
  • How to improve your workout;
  • How to have more energy;
  • How to loose the belly fat and control celulite;
  • How to have a Regenerative sleep;
  • How to prepare delicious and easy meals for you and for all family;
  • How to feel and be young in every age;
  • How to feel Happy !

I want invite you to follow me in instagram or Facebook where i share exclusive pics, topics and ideas.

If you have any question, please just contact me here, in facebook or by email, i will answer asap.

Finally i apologize because my english is far away to be good, but as you know is not my mother language , promess you to learn and do it better.

Thank you so much to my family, to my sweet and wonderful patients, to my friends ,  and to all of you to be there and give me the reason to continue.

With Love



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