What is the best Diet for Loss Weight and better Health ?!

Many people use to ask me what is my diet, what is  my method to make people loose weight and be more healthy ….

Well …… my diet is your diet ….!

It is the one that adapts to you, to your life ….. we should do our best for our physical health (we know that obesity leads to some serious pathologies) but also emotional (if it even has a BMI within the normal parameters , but you still  not feel good …. let’s solve it  !

How tho, and I will always repeat this ….. calmly …. without anxiety ….. do not want to lose weight from one day to the next ….. because it also did not get fat one day to the other !!! you did not lie down on a lean night and you were fat at the next day !!

Deciding to change your lifestyle : to have a better diet, to exercise, is excellent just by eating nutritionally better, or having to resort to diet to lose weight, may even some people  have to resort to medication or surgery, things that i advice and understand, in specific cases.

Most of you are all the time search in  Google what is the best simple and quick diet ! Right ?

It’s ok ……  but please …. always consult a health professional, can be endocrinologist, nutritionist or even the family doctor can help, just don’t follow diets or ideas that can be very dangerous for you, specially if you have some pathology: Regardless of the diet to be followed, firstly, we must take into consideration that the diet that a friend or a person from our family does may not be the best for us because otherwise what happens?
You will not handle, you can develop serious problems and even  if you loose little bit, sometimes  you will find it in  double ( this happens in 90% of the persons) .

But not wanting to get away from the subject, I can say that I am in favor of all the  diets, lifestyles what or you want to call to achieve better health and body : Paleolithic,  diet of the 31 days,  Atkins, DETOX, LEV, South Beach, LCHF, Ketogenic, Veggie, Mediterranean …. if it will  provides you an  healthy lifestyle  and you are  properly accompanied, for me its ok.

But, i want to talk now specifically the Ketogenic and Paleo Diet because at the moment are the two diets with more people  interested in it  : we know that eating less carbs , more protein and good fat makes our Insulin goes down, we feel less hungry so in the beginning we loose weight, for sure, it is a good diet to control LDL cholesterol and dibetes Type II, but we also know that this is just reveals good results in the first 6-12 months, in long term the bennefits disappear, or are far away to be the same..

Let’s go again to the point : People are always looking for the fast and easy way and therefore is a desire to find and identify the best diet to solve everything….. unfortenelly things dont work so simple, its very hard to achieve the best strategy, because none will respond in the same way.

For loss Weight we know one thing  calories restriction is the only premise of all successful, an  healthy and balanced diet should be  lower in calories to let  body  burn reserves ! How we do it …. is the point and very relative too, the best diet is the one you can follow and keep enough time to achieve your goals.

But, and again,  it all depends on the physical composition of each one;  what should be avoided ?  yes! The of  fast-absorbing and empty, but all other nutrients will have to continue to be ingested in the normal amounts advised, because there are no reserves in the body.

What we can see here, although studies and opinions, have shown varying responses to the same energy restriction: now what make the success or the failure of a diet ?

Is always the adherence to it ! The key to improving this, is not just the choice of the diet ….. The professionals and the patients must always being in a straight communication and witth a good commitment : Professionals must be innvolved with the patient, be close . For other side the patient must be focused and interested to continue, dont miss consultations, be confortable to ask everything, share all the diffilcuties.

Only with this we can make run the process and optimize the adherence to the diet plan.