Skin Care # When i Get Older I wanna Be Younger !

I recognize that our attitude in life and our self esteem is very important to be happy and feel happy with our body ….. but ….. come on …. we love when somebody tell us that we look younger for our real age !

So i am gonna share what are my favorite skin care creams to avoid wrinkles and dark spots, the average problems in 40’s .

What i am gonna share with you is the tips that na  amazing pharmacist in Qatar gave to me, to use very well my products :

Morning i put just an  anti aging sérum ( i use Biotulin ) and my BFF from Sisley – All day wear, its very expensive but 1 bottle is for 1 year . And most important then all i use sunscreen on my face. Nothing else!

At night ….. yes here it is the secret i put eyes cream –  La Mer – that should be in the fridge , then intensive sérum anti dark spots from sisley , and finally a good moisturizer …. mine ? Nivea of the blue Tub 🙂

And this is it ….. !

Choose good products and wear it well …… always with sunscreen .