Low Calorie Strogonoff

I don’t like red meat !

And we should not eat red meat everyday…. this is my nutritionist  advice .

But ….. sometimes, and because my kids love red meat i cook for them some healthy and yummy food with red meat. This strogonoff is amazing, with just a few ingredients you can make huge success.

First of all choose good ingredients, good ingredients makes good food.

Choose red meat, same as you use to make fondue, lean and without satured fat, add garlic, onion, and olive oil, (braise) add fresh mashrooms, herbs and 2-3 fresh tomatoes and 100gr of water with vinager. Let cook. Add  salt and  1 bio plain yogurt, don’t use cream, a good yogurt is much more healthy and its equally delicious. Cook for more 10m and its done !

As side dish i advice brocolis  🙂 …… but serve with what you prefer .