# Quick Meals : Frittata

For days without time …. and to avoid have  fast food …. Frittata is a great idea!

An omelet composed and thicker made in the oven.
The basis is always the same:
– Eggs (I used 6)
– Grated Parmesan
– 1 chopped garlic.

Then, open your  fridge and use whatever you have available: vegetables ( asparagus, greenpeas, spinach, brocolis)  chicken, fish, then just add fresh  herbs and you will  have a quick and delicious meal.

I made the base later I joined:
– Shredded cod Fish
– Olives
– Parseley
– 1 glass of oat drink
– 1 Red onion in slices

Mix everything and take to oven 180 degrees 30m.