Hello !

My name is Paula Cristina Marques.

I’m  Portuguese, and i live in  Qatar with my family.

  Founder and editor in chief of Beauty Outside Healthy Inside : my project is  a source of inspiration in health and beauty that encourage people to add a glamorous healthy lifestyle  .

 I like a sense of glamour mixed with humility, i am not huge fan of all one thing.

To complete the master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition in Spain and Membership (59582) of the Nutrition Society – Advancing Nutrition Science –  i found with it  all the tools to undertand what you need and what you  want.

 My mission is  helping and support you   with all my dedication because …. It’s amazing when we  truly Love what we  doing.

Thank you so much for trust and following .



Other Complementary Training

  • Certificate in Suplements and Diet in BodyBuilding
  • Certificate in Functional Evaluation and Presciption of Physical Exercice in Third Age .
  • Certificate in Suplements and food in  loss Weight
  • Certificate in  Strategies and Methods for  Fat Loss
  • Certificate in  Functional Nutrition
  • Certificate by Medprevent ( Vitalo Nutri)  to  identify and report measurements of food intolerance and the correct evoluation of results as well.