Nutrition Consultations

  • Analyzing Body Composition by Bioimpendancy Method,  physical and  conditions : All this marks can be the basis of the problems presented.


  • Planning and Monitoring personalize nutrition plan, respecting   your health status and  your lifestyle.


  • Detox your Body : Adjust PH of Body,  promote elimination of toxins: some studies says that there are a “significant positive association between a more alkaline diet and muscle mass indexes in healthy people ” .   


  • Food Intolerence Test : A painless, noninvasive test. This diagnostic system is properly recognized:

Jump start your weight loss

Discover hidden food intolerances

Increase your Energy

  • Follow up : always available by wattsapp or phone call to answer your questions, make adjustments, analyze symptoms and give you all the effort to follow the treatment plan.


  • Functional Exercices of Fat Loss : With the number of hours on required body areas, you will do functional exercices with me that keeps you motivate and happy.